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Week 5: Oct 2, 2017

Cosplayers unite at 9GAG! This week's winners turned themselves into the cutest Spiderman in the world, the Airbender in his primitive form, and a GTA barber, all within a tight budget.

Congratulations to Maribel Jauregui, Sir Jack Show, and Red Light Barbers Vilnius.

Week 4: Sep 25, 2017

There is no barrier to having fun. This week's winners had a great deal of fun despite a father-son generation gap, a tight cosplay budget, and even a language barrier between a baguette and a burger! 

Congratulations to our winners: Jamie Zhu, LankyBox and Julien Marlon!

Week 3: Sep 18, 2017

This week's videos are packed with unexpected twists and turns. Brace yourself for a violent burst of rock-and-roll spirit, the greatest renaming of our favorite Pokémon, and a life hack that may save you from embarrassment. 

Congratulations to our winners: Arron Crascall, Our Epic Life and Raisin Production!

Week 2: Sep 11, 2017

This week we have all kinds of trolls—the worst yoga partner in the world, a shopper with too many witty puns, and a glass door that traumatized a kid. What if life is just a big fat troll?

Well, at least this Fun Off contest is definitely not a troll. 

Huge congratulations to this week’s winners: Spencer Werner, Jamie Zhu and Fehim Hodzic!

Week 1: Sep 4, 2017

We received tons of videos from you. Trust us. We had a lot of fun watching them.

May we proudly present our first weekly winners. Congratulations to TrackaBangBang, Hadrien Southwell and Oleg & Jay!


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