Week 16 - 20 June

Congratulations to Bahij Kaddoura, O-DOG DANCE, Austyn Goveas and Anatoly Vaisman for being chosen as the weekly winners in June.

Week 14 & 15: May 14 and May 21

Congratulations to Longbeachgriffy who is picked as our week 14 winner! We also take this opportunity to congratulate feathakim and Father Of Boys - WM who are chosen as our week 15 winners!

Week 13: May 7

K-Pop lovers have submitted their videos to us this week to show how addicted to K-Pop they are. Congratulations to Jeffrey Yang, hasanjr11 and Chris Wong who have been chosen as our Week 13 winners. Also congratulations to Auxiliary Dance Team whose Deadpool and Spiderman dance cover has also been chosen to be Week 13 winner.

Week 12: April 30

Who could resist the power of Avengers or the cuteness of a baby? Congratulations to WASD Studio and daddy.zwei.punkt.null on becoming our Week 12 winners! 

Week 10 & 11: April 16 & April 23

Congratulations to Jade Velasco and Dylan & Brodie Pawson who are picked as our week 10 winners! We also take this chance to congratulate Jeremy Ralte who is chosen as our week 11 winner!

Week 9: April 9

Congratulations to Dullvani and Trevor James who are picked as our week 9 winners!

Week 8: April 2

Congratulations to Arron Crascall and Luca Gallone who are picked as our week 8 winners!

Week 7: March 26

Congratulations to Bii Ho, Hammy TV and Sarper Duman who are picked as our 7th week winners.

Week 6: March 19

Congratulations to Kristen Hanby, Catmantoo and Hamlet the Piggy who are picked as our 6th week winners.

Week 5: March 12

May we proudly present our 5th week winners: Jay Kein, Exotic Richard and Mehmet Bayraktar

Week 4: March 5

Congratulations to Trey Kennedy, Woody & Kleiny and The Pun Guys who are picked as our 4th week winners.

Week 3: Feb 26

Congratulations to Aviram Carmeli, Ghetto.spider and QPark who are chosen as our third week winners.

Week 2: Feb 19

Let us proudly present our second week winners who have found joy through remaking a viral video, telling puns in public and pushing the body limits. Congratulations to Jongens en co, The Pun Guys and Dylan Pawson.

Week 1: Feb 12

Fun Off Season 2 is BACK! We are having a lot of fun watching the tons of videos received from you.

May we proudly present our first weekly winners. Congratulations to Adam Ray, Eddy Gun and Jack Dytrych!


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