9GAG Fun Off Season 1 Winner Announcement

9GAG’s inaugural season of its Fun Off competition came to an end on Jan 19, 2018 after votes were tallied from 9GAG’s Fun Off Facebook and Instagram pages in December 2017.

Fun Off started with a simple mission: to showcase content that brings happiness to the world. Along the way, 9GAG wants to celebrate not only the funny content, but more importantly, all creators behind the work.

9GAG received over 17,900 videos from all around the world and is truly grateful to all the creators who have shared their funniest content with us. They have not only brightened our days but also further cemented our belief that fun is everywhere if you just look closely enough.

We would also like to thank everyone who took time out to cast their vote(s) and help us select the winning videos out of the 48 final contestants. Here are the top 9 videos selected:


#1 - Grandma’s motivational speech by Ross Smith and Grandma.

This dynamic duo from Ohio breaks the stereotype of older generations and shows us the funniest wake-up call for every Monday.   

Total likes: 249,068

#2 Phone drop prank by Woody & Kleiny

Two best friends from the U.K. prank each other by throwing and dropping each other’s precious phones.   

Total likes: 154,201

#3 Single VS in a relationship by Room Factory

This team of Ukraine-based video makers shows us the perks of being single to make us feel less lonely while encouraging people to make time for themselves.

Total likes: 111,415

#4 3 steps to speak every language by Michael der Schulte

A German guy from Munich draws laughs by illustrating how we perceive the sounds of  languages in similar ways even we come from different parts of the world.

Total likes: 79,996

#5 Avatar: The Last Airbender by Sir Jack Show

This inspiring comedian from the Philippines demonstrates how one can become one’s own hero even with a tiny budget.

Total likes: 73,309

#6 Kpop girl groups dance in public by @qpark

KPOP is taking over the world. There’s no way you can run from it -- just like there’s no way you can’t laugh at this New York-based comedian’s dance moves.

Total likes: 72,599

#7 Son pranks dad again by @jamiezhutv

This Sydney-based kid pulls crazy pranks on his adorable dad to make us laugh at their unconventional father-and-son relationship.

Total likes: 65,535

#8 That dirty-minded friend we all have by @sgag

Video makers from Singapore make us wonder whose mind is actually in the gutter.

Total likes: 64,837

#9 When girls are on their period by @trackabangbang

A Frenchman in LA explores the pains and horrors caused by menstruation to reassure ladies that they aren’t the only ones who suffer.

Total likes: 56,281


Congratulation to Ross Smith and Grandma for winning the grand prize of USD$100,000 of 9GAG Fun Off Season 1! Looking forward to more funny content for Fun Off Season 2.

Note that we have examined all likes. Any entry with reasonable grounds to suspect that fraudulent voting has occurred was disqualified.